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Global Presence. Local Knowledge.

Northern Ray is the most innovative provider of commodities and industrial products worldwide and has an unparalleled network of partners, customers, and suppliers.
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Welcome To Northern Ray

We are committed to becoming your most reliable partner.

Our commitment stems from our core principles of transparency and integrity. We are proud to provide sustainable solutions and do our part to improve the industries that we operate in. Key to our success is working with selected partners, customers, and suppliers who share our values and ambition – so we can collectively contribute to the local communities in which we prosper.

Gordon Ross Northern Ray

Gordon Ross


Our Mission

Inspire, create, challenge, and transform Metals and Minerals for a sustainable future.


To become one of the largest private companies globally by 2025.

Our approach

- Deliver value to our customers.
- Invest in our people.
- Deal fairly and ethically.
- Continuously innovate.
- Support the communities in which we work.

Our Strategy

Create superior, sustainable value for our stakeholders by meeting or exceeding our customers' needs while ensuring fair and equitable treatment of our suppliers.

Our Business

Northern Ray is a physical trading, investment, and service company, with global presense. Its head office in Singapore, focused on metals and minerals.


Working in partnership with our suppliers to manage a complex global supply chain in ways that benefit our customers, and our local communities.


At Northern Ray, we are always open to new ideas about the best way to create long term, sustainable value and innovative ideas in how to operate.



By investing in our people, we continue to grow our business and are on track to becoming one of the largest independent companies globally by 2025.

Northern Ray in the World

We work across the globe, with producers, manufacturers, mines, smelters and refineries. We have a presence in Singapore, UK and Hong Kong as well as Europe, USA, Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and MENA, giving us a global footprint covering all the major business hubs.



Qualitysustainability and stakeholder satisfaction is at the core of our business. When sourcing and supplying, we are fully committed to the highest standards and to provide added value to all our stakeholders.  

Are you looking for a
reliable & stable partner?

Northern Ray is using local suppliers to stimulate economies in the regions we operate. If you are interested in being our partner, contractor, or supplier, contact us by sending an email to global@northernray.com 

Our qualification process is transparent and ethical to ensure we find the right partners.

Let's grow with
Northern Ray

We’d love to help your business source any metals and minerals, just like we have done for many existing clients.