What we do

Global Presence. Local Knowledge.

We focus on building long term sustainable partnerships with all our suppliers and customers.

As an independent physical commodity partner, we can adapt to the changing demands of our clients by optimizing our supply chain to suit their needs.

We serve customers and suppliers around the globe with the most needed commodities.

The demand for a reliable and sustainable supply chain is what drives our passion for procuring ferrous and non ferrous metals from all over the world.  

Providing metals such as beams, billets, plates, rebar, aluminium copper, and recyclable metals in an ethical way is a priority for northern ray; countless businesses depend on it, and you can depend on us. 

Our passion to help our customers source minerals from reliable mines has focused our attention on providing iron, manganese, and other ores to our clients. 

A full range of piping in various grades and materials is available from many of the world’s top producers.  We also provide octg, fitting, flanges, valves, as well as specialised services such as clad technical services and corrosion protection services.

Our Chemicals and fuels division focuses only on specific products for which our working relationship with our suppliers gives us a unique position to supply our clients what they need when they need it

We are supporting several construction projects by supplying them with cement. We are also working with selected queries for marble around the world.

Northern Ray puts its unique clad, pipe, and steel expertise at your disposal by providing specialized advisory services. 

We provide services such as management services, turnaround services, and technical services. 

From and to all four corners of the globe

We source and supply physical products

Our innovative approach combined with our deep international relationships and extensive supply chain allow us to ensure that we can supply our customers what they want, when and where they want it.
Our aim

Through each of our divisions, we have built a global operation and our aim is to become one of the largest private companies by 2025.