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Availability: Production options and stock in various locations
Support: Northern Ray personnel on the ground in all locations
Transport: Directly to your warehouse or desired location. Ex Works, FOB or CIF options

Iron and Manganese Ores

Our passion to help our customers  source minerals from reliable mines has focused our attention on providing iron, manganese and other ores to our clients. 

We trade the whole spectrum of iron ore and manganese products in all grades. We have Northern Ray staff or local representatives in all major producing countries. We use our global network to serve our customers with large quantities in any specific grade of stock. We are working through our competitive discount prices and we achieve this with our strong relationship with the producers. Our sales team in Singapore is constantly connecting with steel mills and local trading companies in the South East Asia.

In 2022 we will start the first delivery of manganese ore to our clients.

In 2022 we will deliver more than 10m MT of iron ore to clients in Asia and Europe.

Transparent and Cost Efficient

At Northern Ray’s metals division, we pride ourselves on our ability on deliver products from all over the world to our clients in a transparent, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner.








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In 2022 we will deliver more than 10m MT of iron ore to clients in Asia and Europe.