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Key facts:

Availability: Long term contracts and ready stock in various locations
Support: Northern Ray personnel on the ground in all locations
Key source Location: Location: Africa, India, MENA, South America, SI Asia
Performance: In 2022 we will deliver more than 10m MT of iron ore to clients in Asia and Europe

Iron ore directly from the mines

As a natural expansion of our steel-trading activities, iron ore was added to our product portfolio in 2020. In this year, we secured diversified and reliable Iron ore supply from various locations covering the full spectrum of iron ore products and grades. 

With offtake agreements from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Peru, Chile, Indonesia and India; we can ensure that our steel-making customers always have a reliable supply of high-grade iron ore fines and pellets that meet their needs. 

As a result, by 2022, we will be one of the largest independent suppliers of iron ore and iron ore pellets, with offtake agreements in place for more than 10m MT per year.  

We are constantly looking for new strategic partners. Our innovative and forward-thinking approach allows both our customers and suppliers to benefit from our unique operational, logistical and financial processes to managing these transactions from start to finish.

 We endeavor to offer an ethical approach, whereby, the actual suppliers receive fair value and in return, we create a long-term relationship ensuring that our customers’ demands are met every time.  





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In 2022 we will deliver more than 10mmt of iron ore to clients in Asia and Europe

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