Ferrous Metals

Global Presence. Local Knowledge.

Our expertise in steel products and our global presence allows us to provide ferrous metals from all four corners of the world.  

Our passion to help create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly steel industry has focused our attention on providing recyclable metals to our clients. 

We transport our products to your warehouse or desired location. ex works, fob or cif options

The word ‘ferrous’ comes from the Latin word ‘ferrum,’ which means ‘iron’. Ferrous metals include steel, cast iron, as well as alloys of iron with other metals.

Traditionally called scrap steel, it consists of left over recyclable materials. We have ready stock in various locations

Structural steel is one of the most adaptable and useful building materials.

In 2022 we will deliver more than 150 thousand tonnes of steel plates to our clients.

Northern Ray has personnel on the ground in all locations to meet your demands on billets.

We have access to rebar, (reinforcing bar) from Africa, India, MENA, South America.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business. If you have any enquiry for beams, rebar, billets, plates, recycled metals we are here to help.

Ferrous Metals Division

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