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Key source Location: MENA, SI Asia, China, Europe
Performance: In 2023 we expect to deliver more than 20 thousand tonnes of clad pipes to our clients

Clad Valves

Northern Ray’s supply chain offers competitive solutions for all cladded valve requirements for the energy industry. Valves are produced in Europe and China and meet the most stringent international quality standards. 

Clad Pipes, Valves and Fittings

The use of corrosion-resistant alloys (CRA) is increasing as more pipelines operate under highly corrosive conditions, especially in offshore areas. 

Clad and lined pipes are more cost-effective than solid CRA.  They also provide a good balance of the mechanical properties of the carbon-steel carrier pipe and the corrosion resistance of the internal CRA layer. 

Clad pipes consist of an internal CRA layer that is either metallurgically bonded or mechanically bonded to the carbon-steel. Different manufacturing processes (e.g. hot rolling or weld overlay) are used to bond the CRA layer to the carbon steel. Lined pipes have a CRA lining that is mechanically bonded to the carrier pipe.

Clad Pipe

Metric Mechanically Lined Metallurgically Bonded Weld Overlay Pipe and Fittings
Diameter Range
101mm (4”) to 610mm (24”)
406mm (16”) to 1,422mm (56”)
101mm (4”) to 1,524mm (60”)
6.4mm (0.25”) to 38mm (1.5”)
10mm (0.4″) to 45mm (1.7″)
As per customer requirements
12.5 meters or as per customer requirements
12.5 meters or as per customer requirements
12.5 meters or as per customer requirements

Clad Pipe

Type Sizes Thicknesses
Long Radius Elbow
Short Radius Elbow
Long Radius Bends

Transparent and Cost Efficient

At Northern Ray’s metals division, we pride ourselves on our ability on deliver products from all over the world to our clients in a transparent, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business. If you have any enquiry for clad pipes, fittings or valves we are here to help.

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In 2021 we have delivered more than 20 thousand tonnes of clad products to our clients

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