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Availability: Spot trades available
Support: Northern Ray personnel on the ground in all locations

LNG, LPG, Chemicals, Fertilisers

Our expertise in steel products and our global presence allow us to provide Chemicals, Oils, and Gas supplies in large quantities from all over the world.  

We are working with selected suppliers. 

We transport our supply to your terminal, warehouse or desired location. 



Variety of cylinder sizes available. Call today for free estimate. Large Fleet of Assets. 24-7 Customer Service. Highlights: Technical Consultation Available, Quote Available, Full Product Catalog Available


Choose Northern Ray as your provider for your bulk LPG supply. Get a reliable source of energy for your business. Enquire about our LPG today


White Spirit

We source from certified suppliers and manufacturers with immediate availability. Secure Supply Chain. Competitive Prices.

Fertilisers and Urea

Buy customized variations and grades of Urea from Brenntag. Safe delivery. In stock. 

Butyl Glycol

Buy customized variation and grade of Butyl Glycol (C4H9OCH2CH2OH) 

Transparent And Cost Efficient

At Northern Ray’s Chemical and Fuel division, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver products from all over the world to our clients in a transparent, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business. If you have any enquiry for LNG, LPG, Chemicals, Fertilisers we are here to help.

Commodities Division


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In 2021 we will deliver more than 60 thousand tonnes of Urea to our clients.