Cathodic Protection System

SNI India


AC/DC Transformer rectifier unit (Manual/Automatic/Smart & Oil /Air cooled type)
Long line polymeric type Anodes
Sacrificial Anodes (Magnesium, Aluminium, Zink, Water anode, Zink ribbon, etc.)
Impressed current Anode.(Silicon Chromium, mixed metal MMO, Linear)
Junction Box
Reference Electrode
Polarization cell (Permanent/Potable)
Surge Arrester
Coke Breeze
Monolithic Joints /Insulation gaskets.
Cable & Cable accessories
Anode caps
Data logger & Remote monitoring system
Electrical resistance probe
Computerized test station


Cathodic Protection System

CPS IMPAC is recognized organization in Cathodic Protection (CP) Field for its engineering expertise and ability to provide a total Design, Manufacturing, Project Management, Maintenance and Re-Engineering solution to its customers. We have executed various projects with customer satisfaction. Commitment & Timely service are clear hallmark at CPS IMPAC.

We have highly experienced and NACE certified Engineers to undertake engineering, challenging difficult site conditions and executing projects within deadlines to match customer requirements. The experience of our team has displayed a comprehensive understanding of emerging opportunities in the field of cathodic protection solutions.

Our services include complete turnkey solution and project management. Our tailor made and customized cathodic protection solutions help our clients from different industries to enhance the life of their assets with improvement in operation of the structure. A blend of high-quality components and well-designed system and efficient project management are backbone of this value proposition for CPS IMPAC .

We are committed to providing services that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the investment by reducing costs, improving life, ensuring reliability, reducing maintenance while emphasizing on quality


Cathodic Protection System



Installation of the HBPE 80 coating system should be carried out by SNI INDIA certified personnel.

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