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Key facts:

Availability: Production orders or ready stock available in various locations
Support: Northern Ray personnel on the ground in all locations
Key source Location: China, Europe, Korea, India and MENA
Performance: In 2022 we will deliver more than 50 thousand tonnes of beams to our clients


Our expertise in steel and our global presence allow us to supply steel beams products from all four corners of the globe.  

Structural steel is one of the most adaptable and useful building materials on our planet, for building massive construction projects, bridges and more.  


Types of Beams

Our approach is always ethical and ensure our supply-partners always receive fair value. We form and grow robust relationships with our suppliers to ensure our customers’ demands are met every time.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business. If you have any enquiry for beams we are here to help.

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In 2021 we will deliver more than 50 thousand tonnes of beams to our clients.