NR-Medical have shipped the first lot of Aprons for the NHS.  This order of red-list critical items was delivered ahead of schedule.

At the same time, we have also delivered an order of PPE gowns (another high-demand item).

In a highly-volatile marketplace, NR-Medical are very proud to support the NHS and we are also working with the Government to support the local producers of hand sanitizer by sourcing and supplying 1,000,000 empty bottles with pump dispensers, to be filled by local producers

Aprons Being Shipped

To find out more about what NR-Medical has been up to, click here to visit their website.

NR-Medical was established in 2020 to solve global supply chain disruptions for medical devices and consumables during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We work directly with suppliers to deliver essential medical goods to healthcare providers globally.

Headquartered in Singapore, we have people located in China, India, Thailand, Australia and the UK. Our supply chain was developed over many years in the oil and gas industry, and has now been expanded to serve the medical sector.

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