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Availability: Production options and stock in various locations
Support: Northern Ray personnel on the ground in all locations

Soya Beans, Sugar, Seafood, Meat

Our global presence enhances our ability to provide Food and Agricultural products from all four corners of the globe.  

Our Agricultural team’s extensive knowledge and experience in these core commodities ensure that we provide the best ethically and environmentally sourced products you need.

We work with a limited number of selected partners to supply these from various parts of the world.

There are multiple options for shipment available, FOB or CIF where we transport to your warehouse or desired location.

Soya Beans

We are selling only certified organic, non-GMO soybeans. and GMO soya beans from Brazil, India and USA. We are working with farmers and cooperatives.

Chicken Paws, Feet, Wings

We are working wiht the Best Manufacturers and Suppliers Of Quality Chicken paws/Feet/Mid-joint Wings. 

Sea Food

We offer products from verified fisheries and processors from around the world to be able to offer the best quality products directly to you.


Multiple options for Sugar from different plants and in different forms and available in small and large quantities.

Transparent And Cost Efficient

At Northern Ray’s Agro and Food division, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver products from all over the world to our clients in a transparent, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business. If you have any enquiry for  Soya Beans, Sugar, Seafood, Meat we are here to help.

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In 2022 we will commence our first deliveries of Soybean to our Customers